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ECOEAGLE's product awarded Works with WELL™ licence
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Date: 2023-08-24
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近日,鹰牌生活成为首家Works with WELL™授权许可的整屋材料解决方案的提供商,其硅藻泥科技板和石晶地板产品被正式纳入国际WELL建筑研究院(IWBI)的 "Works with WELL" 产品授权体系。

Recently, ECOEAGLE became the first Works with WELL™ licensed supplier of whole-house material solution, and its Diatom Wall Panel and SPC Flooring products are formally included in the Works with WELL product licensing system of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI).

IWBI作为全球最具权威的健康建筑标准机构,获得Works with WELL™授权许可,标志着鹰牌生活在健康建筑领域取得了国际性的认可,证明了其产品与WELL健康建筑标准所提出的健康要求完美契合,进一步印证了其在环保健康方面的领先地位。

IWBI is the world’s most authoritative institute of healthy building standards, and ECOEAGLE’s Works with WELL licence signifies that it has achieved international recognition in the field of healthy building, proving that its products are a perfect fit with the health requirements set out in the WELL Building Standard, and further confirming its leading position in environmental protection and health.

AboutWorks with WELL


In October 2014, IWBI released the world’s first building standard aimed at promoting the heath of building users, focusing on human health and well-being, and examining the dependency between people and building environments from multiple levels.

As of August 2023, with more than 255 million square meters, 24,800 projects in 127 countries and regions around the world have participated in WELL certification.

为了验证制造商的产品是否符合 WELL健康建筑标准,2022 年IWBI推出了Works with WELL 授权许可计划,旨在推动供应商生产出符合健康和环保要求的产品,并为其在创造健康室内环境方面的贡献提供可视化的证明。

In order to verify that manufacture’s products comply with the WELL Building Standard, in 2022 IWBI launched the Works with WELL Licensing Programme, which is intended to motivate suppliers to produce healthy and environmentally compliant products and provide visual proof of their contribution to creating healthy indoor environments.

Works with WELL是WELL认证的延伸,是实现WELL认证空间的基石,是对产品应用到WELL空间的信心。

Works with WELL is an extension of WELL certification, the basis for realising WELL spaces, and the confidence in the application of products to WELL spaces.


The WELL Building Standard contains stringent standards for materials. It reduces the risk of exposure to pollutants by promoting the assessment and management of hazardous components in building materials to create a healthier indoor living environment.

获得Works with WELL™授权许可,进一步证明了鹰牌生活致力于创造支持人类健康与福祉的产品。帮助项目实践或满足 WELL 健康建筑标准中的相关要求,鹰牌生活产品可以为以下WELL建筑认证特性的达成作出贡献:

Achieving the Works with WELL licence is further proof of ECOEAGLE’s commitment to produce products that support human health and well-being.

Helping projects to meet the requirements of the WELL Building Standard, ECOEAGLE’s products can contribute to the achieving of the following WELL features:



Enhanced Material Restrictions - Select Compliant Architectural and Interior Products


挥发性有机化合物(VOC)限制- 限制家具、建筑和室内产品的挥发性有机化合物排放

VOC Restrictions - Restrict VOC Emissions from Furniture, Architectural and Interior Products

Works with WELL产品授权不仅是荣誉更是责任。赋予鹰牌生活更多的责任以推动健康家居行业的发展,为千家万户营造出美好、舒适、健康的生活环境和健康的生活方式。未来,鹰牌生活将持续与IWBI携手为打造高品质的健康人居环境而努力,为社会和环境做出积极贡献。

Works with WELL liscence is not only an honour but also a responsibility. It gives ECOEAGLE more responsibility to promote the development of healthy home industry and create a beautiful, comfortable and healthy living space and healthy lifestyle for thousands of families.

In the future, ECOEAGLE will continue to work together with IWBI to create high-quality and healthy living spaces and make contributions to society and the environment.

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