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Review of Guangzhou Design Week
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Date: 2023-03-09
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On 3 March 2023, with the theme of "Passion", the four-day Guangzhou Design Week kicked off simultaneously at the three exhibition halls of Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre and Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center.


Eagle Brand has always insisted that original design is the soul of the brand, design creates value and practices original design to enhance brand influence and brand value, a concept that coincides with Guangzhou Design Week.

2006, Eagle Brand was associated with the newly established Guangzhou Design Week and became the first famous Chinese building materials brand to sponsor it. 17 years later, now Eagle Ceramics and Guangzhou Design Week have become a close strategic partner!


Eagle Brand Industry this time with its four major brands Eagle Ceramics, Eagle 2086, ECOEAGLE and Hopo Ceramics jointly landed in Guangzhou Design Week, bringing consumers the best new technology and beautiful works for healthy living.


Let's take a look back at some of Eagle Brand's highlight at the design week ! 


Eagle Ceramics



The Eagle Ceramics Pavilion presented at the design week under the theme of “Red, for 49 years”. With 49 years of experience, Eagle Ceramics has become a monument of Chinese ceramics, and its full range of products is like a museum of ceramic art.


At the exhibition, Eagle Ceramics brought ceramic products + high-end environmental protection finishes materials, around the two proposition of health and aesthetics, with technology and art to lead healthy living, to bring customers a new high-end eco-friendly space, immersive feel the comfort of health life.

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Eagle 2086


Brand Pavilion Slid for more


The Brand Pavilion 1D01 integrates the four seasons into it, creating several living scenarios and high-end material selection areas around four aspects: close to nature, changing seasons, health and environmental protection, and future living, giving more possibilities for life.

Ink Golden Tile Pavilion Slid for more


The facade of Ink Golden Tile Pavilion extends from a large area of tranquil lime green, with a hidden scroll in the middle of the pavilion drawing people in and telling the story of the Ink Golden Tile.





During the four-day design week, ECOEAGLE provided an immersive, scientific, high standard, sustainable WELL healthy lifestyle experience to visitors.


The pavilion is presented as a home space, showcasing the overall home aesthetics of ECOEAGLE's door, wall and cabinet facade customization in the same colour, as well as the healthy home customization that achieves full space, full category and full functionality. With both aesthetics and health, Eagle Living has made a perfect answer for the new living form.

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