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9.23!Eagle Brand meets you at the CERSAIE
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Date: 2019-09-21
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The annual Bologna Italy ceramic bathroom Exhibition will begin in two days! This exhibition has been attended by Eagle Brand Group for 22 consecutive sessions. The annual industry attention event, Eagle Brand Group has already prepared in advance, pay close attention to details.


Eagle Brand Group attaches great importance to every year's exhibition hall design,this year's exhibition hall design is unique, ingenious. We strive to meet the guests from all countries with the fullest spiritual outlook and the warm esthospitality.

Review of previous designs

- 往届展厅设计回顾 -

2019 Hall Design Theme

时空穿梭 匠心演绎-


Eagle design expects to express Eagle'sproducts by deconstructing modern Chinese aesthetics. It combines Eagle'sclassical products with popular and fashionable products, and integratesChinese cultural elements in modern ways to show the beauty of the East.

 Design form 



Four modern Chinese circles, as if indetail telling the story of the Eagle Brand 45 years of past and future, notforgetting the first heart, and moving forward.


With this as the divergent point tocomplete the design of the entire booth, making it the visual focus of thewhole exhibition, the net red card point, we also hope to continue, and becomea memory point of successive generations. As long as you find the shape of themoon window, you will find China, and find the Eagle Brand.

Selection of Exhibition Products

展会产品 精心之选-


First of all, we will bring you someselected pictures of the exhibition booth. Continue to pay attention to them.We will bring you more latest news about the exhibition.

Installation site

安装现场 有条不紊-


The exhibition hall has taken shape, and preparations are being carried out in an orderly manner. Pay attention to every detail in order to let the guests have a better product experience.


Eagle brand, a national brand full of national expectations, let's meet in Bologna in September to appreciate the brand style. Accodingly, we sincerely would like to have a long term business relationship with clients at home and abroad, brightening a brilliant commercial future.

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