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Eagle Brand Group:Brand Story
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Date: 2019-09-02
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广东鹰牌陶瓷集团公司,始建于1974年8月18日,总部位于 “中国陶都”——广东佛山,是享誉国际的现代建筑陶瓷生产企业之一。鹰牌集团旗下拥有“鹰牌陶瓷”、“华鹏陶瓷”、“鹰牌2086”三大著名陶瓷品牌,销售网络遍及全球100多个国家和地区。产品广泛应用于政府重点工程、高档写字楼、高档住宅区、星级酒店和家庭等场所。

Eagle Brand Group was founded on August 18, 1974. Its headquarters is located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, which is the "China Ceramic Capital". It is one of the world-renowned modern building ceramics manufacturers. Eagle Brand Group owns three famous ceramic brands, Eagle Ceramics, Hopo Ceramics and Eagle 2086. The sales network covers more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Products are widely used in government key projects, high-end office buildings, high-end residential areas, star-rated hotels and homes.



The name comes from the eagle in nature, which means forward-lookingand positive. All along, Eagle Brand Group insists on innovation, with quality and innovation leading the development of China's construction pottery industry.


In 1988, Eagle Ceramics succeeded in creating three-dimensionalprinting glazed tiles to promote China's pottery construction into a newhistorical period; in 1996, it succeeded in creating large-scale Globoidalpolished tiles; in 2011, it succeeded in creating one-in-one firingcrystallization polymerization. The technology has been appraised by GuangdongProvincial Science and Technology Department to reach the international leadinglevel, and the products of crystallization polymerization have gained nearly 80 reputation so far.



In 1999, Eagle Brand Group has born a new brand——Hopo Ceramic. After more than 20 years of hard work by Eagle Brand Group, Hopo Ceramic has become one ofthe brands with strong market competitiveness in the ceramic industry, and has entered thousands of households and become the quality choice of Chinese house holds by virtue of its strong comprehensive strength and outstanding competitive advantages.


Looking back on the development of the past 21 years, Hopo Ceramichas always resonated with the development of China's construction potteryindustry. It has seized every change and strategic opportunity of the construction pottery industry and developed steadily for more than 20 years. It has become one of the brands with strong market competitiveness in the construction pottery industry.

EAGLE 2086


Eagle 2086 is a high-end ceramic tile brand of Eagle Brand Group.Founded in 2004, there are more than 500 franchisers in cities all over thecountry. Up to now, they have entered nearly 80,000 families. Eagle 2086, as a new generation ceramic tile brand, advocates a product attitude and lifestyle -"simple life, long time".


"2086" means "Creating Time". It expresses the brand's abandonment of traditional luxury porcelain and its magnificent product performance. It returns to the original beauty of ceramic tiles "Fire and Water Mix, Water and Soil Mix", presents the poetic quality and associationof time, and brings the aesthetic shock of "Time Gallery" to designers and users.


In the future, Eagle 2086 will follow the trend of artistic life,and enter into the world's younger generation's concise and exquisite lifethrough personalized, artistic and systematic exquisite tiles.

Made in Eagle 



Since 1998, Eagle Brand Group has been representing Chinese ceramic enterprises to participate in the Bologna Italy ceramic bathroom Exhibition, leading the international cause of China's ceramic industry .


Looking forward to the future, Eagle Brand Group will continue to take "world brand, industry benchmarking" as the driving force, promote Chinese ceramic civilization, innovate the future of China's building pottery, and contribute to the strength of Eagle brand!

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