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NEWS | Eagle 45th Anniversary Celebration
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Date: 2019-08-16
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On August 16, Eagle employees gathered tocelebrate the 45-year-old Eagle's birthday in advance. On this day, the EagleBuilding was decorated in a new way, and a time tunnel caught people's eyes inan instant. From 1974 to 2019, Time Tunnel recorded every important moment of Eagle. Every employee traveled through Time Tunnel and felt the magnificenthistorical picture of Eagle for 45 years.

走过45年时光隧道,填满鹰牌人祝福的“I LOVE EG”一时间成为今天活动的必到打卡点,满屏都是鹰牌人的爱和祝福,大家纷纷在45周年留下自己的印记。

Passing through the time tunnel, the"I LOVE EG" filled with staff's wishes has become a necessary punchpoint for today's activities. The screen is full of eagle's love and wishes.Everyone has left their own marks on the 45th anniversary.


At 8:30, the celebration of Eagle's 45th Anniversary officially began! The staff sang the Eagle's Song together."Eagle's dream is more brilliant on the journey of Eagle", singing the eagle's passion and dream.


Speaking at the celebration, Mr. Lin Wei,President of the Group, said that it was not easy for Eagle to go through 45years. Many people dedicated their youth to Eagle. Many generations followed Eagle. Many people helped Eagle grow and develop. For this reason, on behalf of Eagle Group, he expressed his gratitude to the global partners, Eagle employeesand all sectors of society. In the future, we hope that Eagle brand people will take more responsibility to strive for the goal of 100 years Eagle brand, thevision of Eagle brand "world brand, industry benchmark", and themission of Eagle brand " Inheritance of culture and make life better".


After wards, we all witness the cakecutting ceremony and the happy occasion of Eagle's 45th birthday.


Many employees expressed their wishes for Eagle's 45th anniversary.


Eagle has experienced many difficulties in the past 45 years and will continue to move forward in the future. Similarly, the forthcoming Bologna Italy ceramic bathroom Exhibition in September is the 22nd time that Eagle will compete with many excellent ceramic enterprises on the international stage. With the goal of 100-year Eagle, we will always strive.

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